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Ethno jazz album

Deelt coverDeelt presents Mongolian folk song and dance music rearranged into a modern, ethno jazz and post-pop style alongside new compositions by pianist Purevsukh. The pieces feature percussion, marimba and piano as well as khoomei (throat singing) andtraditional Mongolian instruments the yatga (zither) and morin khuur (horse head fiddle).  The name of the album ‘Deelt’ refers to a person who has inherited an item of traditional  Mongolian clothing called a ‘deel’.


1. Conception (Composed by Purevsukh. T)
2. Rain Dance (Composed by Alicia Gomez and rearranged by Purevsukh. T)
3. Tungalag Buyant (Original song from the Khovd region rearranged by Baldan. Ch)
4. We Are Coming To You (Soundtrack to Mongolian film ‘We Are Coming To You’ composed by Khangal.Z, rearranged by Purevsukh. T)
5. Bambuu Whip (National song rearranged by Arga Bileg)
6. Bayad (National dance rearranged by Arga Bileg)
7. Jalam Khar (National dance music composed by E. Choidog and rearranged by Purevsukh T.)
8. Far Off Mirage (National song rearranged by Arga Bileg)


Arga Bileg joined the ‘Cinebox’ art group to create the soundtrack to the Mongolian horror film Dev. The word ‘dev’ means ‘curse’ in Mongolian and, the film centres on a man who is cursed by his immortal desires and actions. Pianist Purevsukh composed music for the film, with which he aimed to express the physiological tension of today’s society.


1. Be Guilty (Composed by Purevsukh. T featuring singer Erdenechimeg. G)
2. Imagination (Composed by Purevsukh. T)
3. Narration (Composed by Purevsukh. T)
4. Dirty City (Composed by Purevsukh. T)
5. Picture (Composed by Purevsukh. T)

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