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Arga Bileg ethno jazz band was founded in 2009 by group of 11 professional musicians and dancers. Arga Bileg presents jazz music in a traditional, Mongolian folk context using traditional Mongolian and western music instruments to create new compositions as well as contemporary interpretations of folk songs.

Arga Bileg
aims to lead the modern music and dance scene in Mongolia with their new fusion style. The band’s performances are staged with contemporary set design and they include electronic elements in their compositions and live set.

Members of the band are award winning musicians, composers, dancers and choreographers who have performed in many prestigious venues of the world including Carnegie Hall in New York, National Grand Theater in Beijing, Orchard Hall in Tokyo and the Vienna Philharmonic in Vienna.

The band has been part of many international and local projects such as the Sound and Light training  run by the Arts Council of Mongolia, a tour to Mongolia by multi Grammy Award winning Latino rock-hip hop-salsa band Ozomatli, and the Dev film project by Cinebox Art Group. In June of 2010, the band released two new albums – the ethno jazz record Deelt and the soundtrack to horror film Dev. The albums were launched with a special performance at the State Philharmonic Hall in Ulaanbaatar.

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